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Trespass on SSSI sites
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Re: Trespass on SSSI sites
Sep 10, 2012, 15:22
texlahoma wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
texlahoma wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:

My, my, my haven't you all been busy while I've been away for a few days!! I bet June never dreamt for one minute that the resurrected thread would create so much drama!
I've waded through a few and I have to say well done to all for the way you have conducted yourselves (no patronising intended or meant) which is a tremendous breakthrough considering the problems we encountered a year or so ago. We are all like-minded folk with the same aims albeit sometimes achieved in slightly different ways. We must all accept each other for what we are and enjoy this wonderful hobby of ours. Onward and upward :-)

Hi Sanctuary, I would recommend reading the whole thread (if you have the energy!)

How was your trip? And Boleigh?

Hi EV, just mentioned my trip on another thread, but did not get to see Boleigh but did see the fogou at Carn Euny which was breathtaking. I rang the Boleigh folk to apologise for not visiting and will be going again.

I'm sure the other sites visited more than made up for it.
I've never been to Carn Euny while down in Cornwall, but i'll make a note for next time.

Yes make it a 'must see'. The fogou is 65ft long and once through the entrances about 6-6 high. Adjacent to the 'main' entrance is another tunnel which once through opens up into a fantastic stonewalled round chamber about 15ft in diameter. They have put in a 'rooflight' to illuminate it and it has a real WOW factor.
I shot an HD vid of all the places I visited and I think it will run to about 90 mins. When I've edited it I'll copy a few to disc and offer them out just for the postage cost and small cost of the disc itself to anyone who may be interested. Purley amateur stuff though you'll understand.

I would love a copy of that vid being quite the fogou obsessive that I am.

Not a problem T. If you email me your address (see my profile) I'll send you a copy. Do you just want the Carn Euny bit or all of it?

I'd be interested to see it all, I love all those sites but Fogous are up at the top of the list for me somehow. We we're down there around the same time as you by the looks of things. I could quite happily live there someday.

Thanks for your email, will send the complete disc. You would have noticed me for sure. The guy with two dogs chatting away to a video camera :-)
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