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Re: piffle
Sep 05, 2012, 13:59
nigelswift wrote:
Well you're right, I'm never going to see how its OK for you to say

"The rule serves a good purpose since it discourages the majority of people from a behaviour that would be destructive if unrestricted"

.... while breaking it yourself!

Because the rule serves it's purpose if it discourages THE VAST MAJORITY from behaviour that would be destructive if unrestricted. If the flexibility is there for a minority to access sites respectfully on the sly, and if the rule is still working, then what exactly is the problem? As far as Silbury Hill is concerned, I can see the argument is different in that regard, since there's a very real risk of people clambering up there in numbers. It's all about the application of a little common sense.

Here's a great example. I was on holiday in Yorkshire once and rocked up at an unstaffed, remote abbey. It was (IIRC) 6pm, and a sign was up that said "Open to the public, 9am-5pm". Now, are you seriously saying that rather than walking through the unlocked gate and spending 10 minutes grabbing some photos, I should have got in the car and driven 300 miles home, thinking "Ah well, the rules is the rules"?
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