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Sep 06, 2012, 07:52
"98% won't go up Silbury nor sit in Skara Brae, so we have to live with the 2% who think differently and be glad they exist to make us argue ;)"

Well I'm not glad about it Moss, I can't really understand why so many people (and strangely sudden upstarts like love-it-or-hate-it "marmite") are saying it's all great and we should all live and let live, yeah let people climb Silbury, what the hell, there's only a few of them, it won't make any difference, hey they're just expressing their individuality, good luck to them, etc.

To be picky 2% of 70,000 is (erm) 1400, so that's 4 people a night sitting in skara brae, I don't think so. I think we're talking a much much smaller percentage of visitors that consider they can disregard the wishes of the site's guardians (they've carefully considered it, mind). And I reckon there's an appropriate word that nobody's used yet for fear of upsetting this minority, well I think it's actually Selfish. As in wilfully determined to pursue your own advantage to the detriment of everybody else.

I'm really surprised that so many people on this website would be agreeing it's ok to walk on silbury or wander through Skara Brae. Bloody hell if people on this geeky forum don't really mind damaging these places, then what hope the general public. Oh no - actually virtually all the general public play by the rules and respectfully go along with what they've been requested to do. So it turns out, people on this website are actually MORE likely to damage ancient monuments. And those that don't do it, some of them actually think it's ok if the others do. What a disappointing surprise.

It's not just "us" that read this forum you know. This information's sitting out there for anyone to read. People may read this and think "well the geeks on the modern antiquarian think it's ok" encouraging them to do it as well.

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