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Re: surprise
Sep 06, 2012, 16:24
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
bladup wrote:

and thanks for taking all the flak on skara brae, as i was the one on this thread who first mentioned going in for free after hours

Not wishing to be pedantic bladup, but you didn't! You mentioned Maes Howe. I bought up the subject of Skara Brae. Not that it matters much, just saying.

I think this thread has been fantastic. For me personally it has helped to clarify some of the confusion in my own mind and straighten out the dilemma I felt in the beginning about 'after hours' access.

I feel its been a journey, of sorts, resulting in a point of view that I now feel comfortable with and feel absolute faith in.

I think thats what a forum like this should do and I hope it's made others go on their own journey too, maybe even changing a few minds in the process or at least making people consider other possibilities.

I've not mentioned maes howe , it would be hard to get in there at night without breaking the lock [ which i wouldn't do ] i did look though, i did kick off in there though because they would'nt let you in the side chambers, i was replying to someone mentioning skara brae so yes you did mention it first, sorry and no thats not been pedantic, i've always said that i don't get this i'm always right attitude, as we learn as humans a lot of the time by been wrong, and then learning from that wrong.
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