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Re: surprise
Sep 06, 2012, 17:47
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
Littlestone wrote:

PS I don’t envy Sanctuary coming back to this lot ;-)

Ha, the poor sod won't know where to start!
He's in the best place at the moment as far as i'm concerned. :)

btw, just to clarify that, I mean best place as in out in the field with the monuments, not the fact that I don't want to see him here!

phew.. you do have to be careful.

I know you were joking but let's get this straight - Nobody has to be careful what they say on here, we all have opinions and thought's on things that are different to lots of other people on here and in live, nobody's right or wrong because we could all be wrong or because some things do not have to be right or wrong, we should celebrate our diversity not kick other peoples head in with it, We all care pretty much the same i imagine, i just think some of the older people should know better, and realise that some rules are there to be broken, as i'm sure they did in the past, one of the main reasons i feel like this is because the custodians at these place do rubbish jobs most of the time, take skara brae when i went in there was nothing to stop us, the place didn't feel that cared for to me, and the other places as well, it's all about making money, not caring for the place, if it was all about caring for the places i would be different, it's not, its about money, 70000 people to skara brae at ??? each time [ does anybody know how much? ] and every year, then think about how much stonehenge or newgrange makes!!! it's all about money not caring, the dome at cairnapple is there to make historic scotland money, it's not to protect, as they know the dome itself is rotting the stones.
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