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Edited Sep 07, 2012, 12:48
Re: feelings vs facts
Sep 07, 2012, 11:54
Moth wrote:
Well, for me it wasn't to do with respect for the ancients - they're dead & don't care - it was more to do with not wanting to do ANY damage, no matter how invisible or infinitesimally small.

If a person or people went traipsing around through the houses every night, or every other night, or once a week, or once a month, invisible infinitesimally small damage would become less invisible & less infinitesimal.

I think our logic was as Rhiannon said - we were only doing exactly what we would have been doing if we'd entered during opening hours, so definitely wouldn't be doing ANY damage that we wouldn't've done if we'd gone in when it was open.



If you didn't want to do any damage, no matter how invisible you wouldn't visit anywhere as everywhere we go our feet touch the ground [ you'd love some hover boots then!!! ], carn euny and places like it have 1000's of feet all the time and the place seemed all right the other day, did you look from the wall when you visited? I suppose it's ok for you to go traipsing around carn euny because no ones told you not to, i think it's strange how it's alright to walk over some places but not others, as i've said lots before i think this is all about them making money out of the place- did you leave the money on the side? ],
Do you really think walking around the top of the houses does no damage!!!!, what you did was still wrong, it's like saying our wrongs bigger than your wrong- and that's just opinion, The ancients are dead and may not care about some, but i can assure you they have always been there for me, a lot of people mix that feeling up with shitty religion, but in saying that even religious people have some element of faith, think of all the places you've been and it's quite clear to me the ancients believed in something higher than there day to day lives, i think it's at the heart of all things supernatural.
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