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Re: suy entrance-fee dodging, rulerprise
Sep 06, 2012, 13:07
nigelswift wrote:
then I give up

I think you should, if you're determined to try to say what I did at Priddy is in any way remotely equivalent to grubby self-justified entrance fee dodging late at night!

In fact Ill give up too.

You're at it again, Nige - slandering people with loaded language and misrepresented behaviours. "Grubby" is an abusive word in this context. You might disagree with the opinions of some of us, but using a word which means "Contemptible; despicable" is entirely rude and unnecessary. Also, while I can't speak for anyone else, I certainly don't seek to avoid paying entrance fees, and have contributed quite substantially to the coffers of our heritage organisations.

Why can't you just play nice and discuss these points without the need for mean-spirited and unpleasant language, like the lovely chap I'm sure you are in person?
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