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Re: surprise
Sep 06, 2012, 12:17
nigelswift wrote:
i am not being unreasonable. Nor unrealistic, I know people step off pathways etc but if the guardians of a place, in their wisdom, make a specific rule and 99.999% of people carefully keep to it and half a dozen people flout it and sneak in somewhere at night and publicly proclaim it is one of the rules they feel doesnt need to apply to THEM or to anyone else that feels the same way that's pretty unfortunate, to say the least. Its not going to get democracy in China or votes for women its just going to make them look like self-seekers and sends out a truly lousy message.

As for being grateful for such individual thinkers, I think not. Chinese students and women's campaigners yes, breakers of rules that they themselves support as well-founded - no.

Hang on, Nige. You're deferring to the wisdom of English Heritage et al and doing it with a straight face? ;)

You're at it again. I've certainly never "sneaked" into anywhere. I've never "proclaimed" anything. You may disagree with my philosophical position, but your attempts to use loaded and contemptuous language to colour the debate in your favour is really quite poor form.

We've already established that the term "flout" is being used inaccurately. We've already established that no harm is done to anyone or anything when accessing certain sites out of hours. It's fine that you don't agree with that. That's your right. But it's not fine that you insist on sneering at and denigrating anyone who holds a different view. I'm not sure how much clearer we can be over this - I (and I assume others) agree that there are certain sites where it is entirely inappropriate to tread off the official path, access them at all, or access them out of hours. Silbury Hill would be an obvious example. However, I (and I assume others) feel that all rules do not need to be adhered to dogmatically. I would bet that the majority of people who contribute to TMA have stepped off the public footpath at some point to take a photograph.
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