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Evergreen Dazed
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Re: feelings vs facts
Sep 04, 2012, 12:48
Rhiannon wrote:
How can we demand that other people respect them and look after them, if we then decide we're so Special that we can bend the rules? We love them So Much that we're allowed special dispensation? It won't wash.

I would not think I am special if I were to break a rule at Skara Brae and spend 2 minutes sitting on the floor in one of the houses.
I would not think it was my right or it was ok because "I know better than 99% of the general public", or that I have special dispensation.
Not at all. I would feel guilt.

But it goes beyond that, for me. It really does. But I cannot defend it.
This is why its a dilemma for me.
I suppose I could attempt a defence by saying that if 70,000 people did what I would do, exactly, sit on a modern gravel floor in one the houses, there would be no damage. But I realise I'm on difficult ground. (I don't mean the gravel would be uncomfortable :) )

Rhiannon wrote:

You seem to imply you just wouldn't be able to help yourself at Skara Brae. It's not a matter of huge willpower though? Erm shall I shan't I? Oh I simply must, I can't hold myself back, it's beyond my control? Surely not.

Also you seem to imply I'm being dishonest to myself for claiming I wouldn't do it. But I'm far from perfect and I really don't think I would. I think I could bear to hold myself back. It wouldn't be too much of a dilemma.

I'm going to get a bit weird now probably (if I haven't already).
Human beings made these places, and human beings are interested in them now, still. We are all clinging to a huge rock in an unfathomable universe.
In 40 years I won't be here (probably less).

If I am responsible for myself (theres not enough of this these days) and ensure I do no damage, then, yes, I simply MUST experience something as wonderful as one of those houses.
And the houses will still be there in 4000 years time if I treat them well whilst experiencing them.

Maybe that is an impossibility at Silbury Hill.

I can't resolve the argument to my satisfaction, and I know your opinion is the correct one in my heart, but I feel theres more to be explored in the detail.
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