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Re: piffle
Sep 05, 2012, 13:31
nigelswift wrote:
"I don't remember saying that I should be the only exemption to a rule."

Nor did I say you did.

I merely made the very simple observation that if you feel you have a right to break rules then in all fairness you should extend the same privilege to everyone, i.e. ditch the rules altogether, not say youre happy with them or the status quo.

"You're saying youre happy the rule is there as it serves a good purpose and nearly everyone obeys it, except you."

You're taking a position of moral absolutism. I don't think the world operates like that (I've lost track of how many times I've pointed out that we're not going to agree because we have different philosophies).

I don't have a "right" to break the rules. "Rights" only exist on pieces of paper. I have a "choice" as to whether I break the rules. I exercise that choice according to my conscience and common sense.

The rule serves a good purpose since it discourages the majority of people from a behaviour that would be destructive if unrestricted. Job done. The rule doesn't need to be enforced with dogmatic rigour.
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