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Re: feelings vs facts
Sep 04, 2012, 08:31
I think TSC and Rhiannon have combined to put up an unassailable case. If EH could take their various points and put them on notices in ten different languages the job would be 90% done. (AND my idea of prehistory being something to be respected would be demonstrated to every visitor).

I'd add a couple of points -

The main path at the front has been there for hundreds of years and some say therefore people should use it as it wont erode much. Trouble is Rhiannon's right I think, allowing people up would mean hundreds a day, Im sure so it would surely mean damage?

Do you remember the sheep a few years ago? I remember watching them taking short cuts and creating new paths in a hot dusty summer. They caused a lot of damage in no time at all.

If EH (and VBB) say there's delicate archaeology just under the surface then going up is saying either its not true. Youd need to prove it or admit that actually you don't care, which is a bit much.

I've never been up but Id be happy with a system like Stonehenge where you can have a conducted official visit by appointment, keeping to one route, if EH ran it. (And YES, Id have to pay, so ruddy what) so long as it looked like it was official and therefore casual visitors couldnt run up in their hundreds.

BTW, if you partied on top at the wrong time 12 years ago you'd have a let-down. The fill keeps settling, Id hate to be up there and cause a sudden slump!
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