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Re: feelings vs facts
Sep 06, 2012, 20:42
Moth wrote:
Yes!! I'm sure this post'll be missed suddenly appearing in the middle, but we did indeed enter Skara Brae after 'closing time' (me, Jane, Hob & Mrs Hob) but we kept to the paths & wouldn't've dreamt of entering the houses, tempting as it was!!!!



What stopped you going in the house's ? seeing as you would have not moved or damaged anything, and nobody would have even known! the place has sand all over the floor, so your feet wouldn't even really touch the real floor, to be honest going into there at 1 in the morning near midsummer [ before an annular eclispe ] in the strangest half light is one of my best memories and i wouldn't change that for the world, i know some people see this in itself as disrespectful but all i can say is i know we did it with the utmost respect for the ancesters [ but not the people who "run" the place ], i live in cornwall and carn euny and chysauster [ as you know ones free the other you pay ] are trampled on by 1000's of feet and seem ok, what does the odd pair of feet at skare brae really do and the custodians walk all over it sweeping the sand most days, with all the places you've been i don't think your the most casual visitors the place has had, i'm all for keeping the casual visitor out as they probably wouldn't have my respect for the place, so wink wink nudge nudge seems to work out alright because like we've said on this thread most people stick to the rules, have you ever been one for breaking the rules moth [ a no would surprise me ].
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