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Re: feelings vs facts
Sep 04, 2012, 22:30
nigelswift wrote:
You dont have to view it through fences and soon there wont be any and of course, you can go in after hours. Its a very worthwhile experience so long as you dont fall into the trap of cursing the crowds or expect "splendid isolation"...

Having done the walk around Stonehenge 'outside the rope' a couple of times and being very disappointed, I did the 'before hours' visit a few years ago very close to the winter solstice. It was an icy cold morning but we were let in just as the sun was breaking the horizon and I must say it was a very moving experience for me. So much so I had trouble taking a steady shot with the camera.
You get 1 hour there before the let in joe public and the amazing thing was that most of the other 25 people who were there too left after about 30 minutes leaving a small group of us to stand and take in the place. Even the security guards kept their distance and didn't blink an eyelid at us touching the stones.
It was an amazing experience and really did change my view of this much (mostly justified) maligned monument.

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