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Edited Sep 06, 2012, 07:01
Re: rules
Sep 06, 2012, 06:59
thesweetcheat wrote:
Sorry, just to clarify, I don't think the agreement aspect was bland either (I meant the thread has managed to avoid becoming a bland "everyone agrees", but has also avoided handbags at dawn, mostly).

White sheep versus black sheep;

I thought it was an excellent debate on both sides, the analogy that came to mind (must be those 'black sheep' elsewhere on the site,) was the fact that driving through the countryside one sees, great flocks of white sheep with one or two black sheep. It is not a particuarlarly good analogy, after all it is probably down to genetic dysfunction as far as the black sheep are concerned, but it is a bit like us humans. There we are expected to follow the rules 100%, (we get to look very boring doing this by the way) then up pops the individual, who says no I want to do something different. To impose the 'rule' on our black sheep won't make he/she act like the rest of the white sheep so why bother? Wanting to destroy the free expression of the individual is bad practice, wanting to make him like the white sheep is also wrong. Luckily we live in a tolerant society which adapts along the way, 98% won't go up Silbury nor sit in Skara Brae, so we have to live with the 2% who think differently and be glad they exist to make us argue ;)....
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