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Re: rules
Sep 05, 2012, 16:37
goffik wrote:
The comparison was to do with people thinking that what they do is ok even though others may disagree, but they do it anyway - not the level of damage.

But we all do that. We all make decisions daily to do things that others may or may not disagree with. If you're suggesting that we should always yield our individual conscience to criminal or civil law, then that's a philosophical position - not a rational absolute.

If we accept the law as the final arbiter or right and wrong, then our civil rights would still be stuck in the middle ages. Or are you saying it's OK to break the law under specific circumstances? In which instance, you're accepting the principle that it is up to the individual to decide when they feel that the law should be ignored.

Every single one of us makes ethical decisions every day that others may or may not agree with. Surely the sensible measure of whether those decisions are socially acceptable is whether they result in any adverse and disproportionate effect upon others? Apply that measure, and climbing Silbury Hill becomes a no-go, because it's obvious how that behaviour could quickly snowball into an untenable normalisation of such behaviour. It also clearly rules out carving swastikas into stones. Quietly visiting a site that's normally off-limits, out of hours, with nobody the wiser... treading lightly and leaving no trace? The only argument against that is dogmatic adherence to rules and regulations. I don't philosophically agree with that position. If you do, that's your prerogative and I respect your position. It would be nice if you (and others) could do the same, respectfully disagreeing with people who while they hold different opinions, share the same values of preservation and conservation of our ancient monuments. You disagree with me... that's fine. Just respect the fact that while my views may be different to yours, they're also well-considered, well-intentioned and sincerely held.
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