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Re: surprise
Sep 06, 2012, 09:11
Rhiannon wrote:
Well I'm not glad about it Moss, I can't really understand why so many people (and strangely sudden upstarts like love-it-or-hate-it "marmite") are saying it's all great and we should all live and let live, yeah let people climb Silbury, what the hell, there's only a few of them, it won't make any difference, hey they're just expressing their individuality, good luck to them, etc.

This discussion has ceased to be rational. I think I've said at least three times that I don't agree with people climbing Silbury. You're not listening to a word that's being said. You keep coming back with the same emotive accusations, despite those accusations already having been refuted with calmly made, polite, and reasonable points. You say things like "wilfully determined to pursue your own advantage to the detriment of everybody else", despite the point already having been clearly made that I (and I think others) believe no action should be taken if it is ultimately to the detriment of others. It is rude and ignorant to repeatedly and wilfully misrepresent the views of those you're debating with.

The point of difference between us is essentially whether we believe an action will ultimately cause detriment to others. It's entirely fare of you to argue your case if you believe such actions will cause detriment, but it is rude of you to misrepresent others by accusing them of not caring, when that is clearly untrue.
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