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Sep 05, 2012, 10:08
A not-one-size-fits-all solution is exactly what I'm suggesting actually.

But I don't think your argument holds water. What if I climb Silbury at night when nobody's watching? That's not encouraging anybody.

I think it's a point of principle. That Silbury is being damaged by people climbing it, I want to look after silbury, therefore - I don't climb it. Whether people can see me doing it or not.

And likewise Skara Brae. Because we as the public have specifically been told it's going to be damaged if lots of people do it, hence noone is allowed to do it.

I think you're still falling back on the 'I'm special' defence. Your mother may tell you that but in the grand scheme of things you're no more special than any other visitor to the site. I don't think the I'm special defence is a very good one. No, you as an individual won't do much damage to Skara Brae. The people who work there won't see you doing it. The other visitors won't see you. Even the baby jesus won't see you. No-one will see you, but you'll have to justify it to yourself that it's necessary because you're more special than anyone else.

I don't think that's much of an argument. Personally.
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