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Another Election
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Toni Torino
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Re: Kill them!
May 23, 2017, 12:41
Sanctuary wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
Several people several times have pointed out to you that omitting a previous specific commitment in favour of a vague general one means that the specific commitment has been dropped - else mention of it wouldn't have been dropped. That's the top and bottom of it and you persisting in saying otherwise is neither here nor there.

Still in denial - still not providing written proof.

As everyone is having a go, I'd like to add my opinion.

Current legislation allows the sale of ivory as long as it is older than 1947. This was extremely difficult to enforce - anyone who watches antique shows on TV will tell you the experts merely assume ivory is assumed to be of a certain age merely because it is in a style of a ceertain period. I think current law now requires proof of age before you can sell.

The argument is that - whatever the trade restrictions - the ongoing trade in ivory encourages the ongoing interest in ivory including new ivory thus continuing to endanger the few animals we have left.

So, as it stands, the UK allows ivory trade with restrictions. If the Government's intention is to allow the status quo to continue, there is no need to provide written proof to that effect. If they wish to change this, then it should be in the Tory manifesto.

A general commitment to provide support to organisations trying to protect endangered species and marine animals is now in the Tory manifesto.

That is a helluva long way off banning ivory trade completely in my eyes. They could have included both pledges if they want to and it's perfectly reasonable for people to insist on clarification now - before the election - than after when it will be too late. That's the democratic process.
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