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Another Election
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Edited Apr 19, 2017, 16:25
Re: Another Election
Apr 19, 2017, 13:55
dhajjieboy wrote:

Or sink like a stone, and become forever more a poxy shit stained isle.

Hahahaha! Better than getting nuked by a China/Iran/North Korea/Russian coalition – that’s the direction Orange Boy is taking you buddy :-) Or getting fleeced into oblivion by a failed Euro and a failing EU political project. We might sink for a bit (though personally I don’t think we will) but this ‘shit-stained isle’ punches way above its weight in the intentional arena and will punch even higher once the shackles of the EU are shaken off.

As for British politicians; there are few, in any of the parties here, with the diplomatic calibre of Theresa May. I’m not a Conservative supporter but she’ll get my vote this time around; the alternatives are unthinkable. Jeremy Corbyn is living in a socialist cloud cuckoo-land; his policies would bankrupt the country before the end of his first term as prime minister. Diane Abbott as Home Secretary? I think not, the woman can barely string two words together to make a coherent sentence. Paul Nuttall of UKIP would take us down a nationalistic back alley with a brick wall at the end. Or how about Mr Wet Blanket himself, Tim Farron, leader of the LibDems? Cathy Newman on Channel 4 News asked him repeatedly yesterday if he thought homosexuality was a sin. He refused to confirm or deny that it was, saying only that as a Christian he wasn’t prepared to get into a theological debate about it. And as for Nicola Sturgeon (also yesterday) she had the gall to accuse May of putting her party before the country. For feck's sake! That’s what Sturgeon does every day of the fecking week! The hypocrisy of the woman! (forgive the double use of the F word ;-) How about a coalition of all or some of the above? Oh what fun that would be... not...

You’re right about one thing though; what you’re seeing on this thread (and others) is, “Pretty much what Head Heritage has become.” It’s mostly opinion based, lacks careful, let alone critical, analysis of issues, and with a hole in the ‘Facts’ Bucket’ as big as a dinner plate.
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