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Re: Hate is a cul-de-sac
May 01, 2017, 10:34
1) [quote="thesweetcheat"]I don't particularly want to get into making personal comments, but since I've been mentioned by name I will just say that what I believe in is equality and social justice. I believe that these things are being deliberately prevented by Tory policies and I would like to understand why people keep voting for inequity and inequality as a choice.

2)"Socialism isn't complex, it means a deep, central belief, natural in your heart, that the poor should not be so poor and the rich should not be so rich".

I applaud your conviction, but just think that there is little to overcome the complacency and corruption that lies at the bottom of our society, it is endemic. Striving for an idealistic socialist goal should always be the aim, what I find though is that there is little disruption in the society we live in, why aren't people protesting on the streets, why aren't judges, as they are doing in America, upending the destructive policies of their idiot president. Our media speculates ad infinitum (as they do here on this thread) where does it get us?
I believe a little chaos and revolution would not come amiss, outside this small country of ours we see tyrants and the right becoming stronger, will the EU survive that?
What we need is a new political system, basic income maybe, and a few greedy people slammed into prison for a long life sentence. There is a whole raft of wrongdoing out there, not sure the Labour party will be able to do anything about it. So my choice is either not vote, or tactically vote labour, or as someone said 'vote for your mindset' which is the environment.
I believe there are a lot of good people out there still prepared to help their fellow human beings, overcome their complacency, cut out central government (waste of space) think that is happening already and we may get somewhere.
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