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Another Election
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Re: Hate is a cul-de-sac
May 03, 2017, 10:15
Well I read the Road to Wigan Pier many, many years ago. There was E.P. Thompson - The making of The English Working Class, and Massingham - Prophecy of Famine. Social history books that applied to their times, today Naomi Klein - This Changes Everything and Paul Mason - Post Capitalism and then there is Owen Jones on - The Establishment. Gosh that Mason is difficult to read!
The long view of history, says that it will all change, chaos is the best arbiter of that, one of the problems stem from the fact that there are just too many of us humans around, though others would argue against it. I am with David Attenborough on this. Until you can stop people from aspiring to better cars, bigger houses, and maybe larger capital from their houses they have invested in then perhaps it will be fairer. And here I quote Wendell Berry

"In keeping with our unrestrained consumptiveness, the commonly accepted accepted basis of our present economony is the fantastical possibility growth, limitless wants, limitless wealth, limitless natural resouces, limitless energy and limitless debt. The world ending fire of industrial fundamentalism may already be burning"....

Anyone here for 'de-growth?'
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