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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
Apr 21, 2017, 14:48
Jeez wrote:

The TV debates are important because most people probably just vote by what the editorial of the Daily Mail or The S*n says. People might get a bit more perspective from a live debate.
The fact that Theresa DisMay has declined to participate yet has committed to meetings with Murdoch and Dacre shows that she thinks propaganda carries more value than argument.

However, what really needs to happen for a more representative democracy is somehow get the under 30s to vote in greater numbers and a switch to a PR system. That's probably gonna be Labour's only chance after Sturgeon manages get Scexit from the UK.
I don't blame the Scots for wanting out. The Tories have taken the piss for a long time and no-one down here seems to be bothered. Unreal.

Oh FFS, 'The Scots' don't want out.
Show me one opinion poll that says we do.
Honestly, you complain about media manipulation (rightly), you have no idea how manipulated the populace are being with this 'phoney idea' that Scots really 'want' to break from the system we've know for the past 308 years.
There is no 'evidence' of it.
A vote for the SNP was a vote to kick Westminster in the nuts, that's all.
They've lost hundreds of thousands of votes since the GE.
It ain't so clear cut.
We leave the UK you get the Tories forever. I guarantee it.
Scottish Nationalism competing with English Nationalism.
Magic! Should it come to that?
Remember, the Yes vote was 1.6m, the No vote 2.1m, over half a million haven't changed their minds.
As for TV debates, I'm sure Pedigree Chum and Sunlife Insurance are gagging for the advertising revenue, but really, all I remember of the last one was Leanne Wood (rightly) slating Nigel Farage for his wretched comments re AIDS victims.
Can you, off the cuff, recall any other important moment?
Yes I zombified myself out and watched on of them.
Never again though.
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