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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
Apr 28, 2017, 21:47
Littlestone wrote:
Well said Sanctuary. Sad though that there are still a few troublemakers, both here and on TMA, who can’t resist firing off personal insults (and jibes) at those they dislike or disagree with. They bring both forums into disrepute and are best ignored (but you’ve already arrived at that realization by saying, “...one post to air your views is quite enough IMO...”).

Don’t let them stop you from saying what you think though and then leaving it at that.

Thanks Littlestone.

It wasn't that long ago, and for some still today, that your political preferences were your own business and not something you openly discussed. It was respected and rightly so, but today if you openly say what party you support you are insulted by those that have different views and question your sanity. They are called obsessives and consider you to be some sort of deranged idiot for not agreeing with them. We are seeing that on this thread at the moment. Endless posts, endless questions, but with just a token interest in other peoples views if they don't agree with them.
Neither side is for turning yet they still ramble on with the same diatribe day after day. They act like they speak for everyone and latch onto the slightest whiff of support in the daily rags. It makes their day even though the greater amount of it is just lies and fake news. The sad thing is that for all their apparent knowledge, they suck it all up and back each other up.

I voted to leave the EU and my reasons stay with me, not for all asunder. It is my business and I will not be brow-beaten on a forum I otherwise enjoy by failed amateur politicians who in the very first instance didn't have the decency to congratulate the majority who voted out and still won't. They didn't accept the result of the democratic vote and have gone out of their way to applaud all the obstacles put in our PM's way. But they won't win because Theresa May leaves them for dead when it comes to intelligence. We are coming out of Europe no matter what your point of view or beliefs. Instead of whinging and whining like you have been doing since the vote went against you, why don't you wise up and support your country and help see it through this difficult but expected phase.

Now that IS all I have to say but feel free to continue with your cheap remarks about me like Swift did this morning if it makes you feel better knowing that I won't come back at you. You know, the cowards way!
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