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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
Apr 21, 2017, 11:35
drewbhoy wrote:

A 'coalition' as you describe would be a nightmare indeed.
The SNP will never be your friend, they do not want the UK to succeed in any way they want it to fail. Remember that. If the vote in 'England' dictates the outcome I will say to that, thank you. I mean it sincerely.
This election ain't even about politics in any 'class tribalism' sense like it ought to be, it's more urgent than that, and not nearly as pleasant.
On a lighter note, I feel too many are taken by the guttural, glottal stop in the way Sturgeon pronounces *Toareez*.
Jesus Christ she really hates them!
That's just how we speak up here, believe me, like so many others, her folks were one of many to benefit from the great council house grab in the 80s, courtesy of the hated *Toareez*.
In fact its 'everywhere' up here.

It can't be everywhere I haven't noticed. Sturgeon, tho I disagree with a lot she has to say, doesn't hate as you say, she disagrees and would like to debate but the Conservative & Unionist Party leader seems to scared to debate with Wood, Lucas, Sturgeon, Corbyn etc

Still the loss of jobs in the whisky industry must be a source of joy for the Brexiteers/Vote No. Shameful :-(

It can't be everywhere?
What can't?
There's barely a council house left in Scotland!
Get real, please.
As for these TV debates, anyone with a modicum of critical faculty really ought to consider it might just be one big procession of polished turds.
That's what I always thought anyway.
Scotland's economy is tanking compared the that of the rest of the UK, has been since before the Brexit vote.
We've had SNP for 10 years now.
Wonder if there's a connection.
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