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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
May 05, 2017, 17:53
Sanctuary wrote:

There is a lot going on at the moment and it can't all be dealt with at once as any sensible person will realise.

But the NHS funding and staffing doesn’t stop because of Brexit, neither does the housing crisis, the education system in meltdown, the tax breaks for millionaires and tax avoidance/evasion for big companies, the taking away of benefits from the disabled, the loosening of planning restrictions and environmental protection, the cutting and selling off of all our public services, the stripping away of employment rights and human rights. All of that continues under the Tories, yet you are prepared to accept all of that because.... Brexit.

In the coming election, we are voting for who is going to "deal with" all of that stuff over the next five years, not just whether David Davies is the best man to lead us out of Europe. You don't appear to mind what the Tory policies are on the rest of it, as long as they give you your Brexit "victory". Littlestone said he will be voting against his own conscience, because Brexit. Is that a good outcome?

The Tories caused Brexit, but apparently it means they don't need to "deal with" any of the rest of it because they need to be left alone to clear up the mess they have made. Is Brexit the only thing that matters?

Another five years of Tory government, publicly fighting the evil Eurocrats while privately dismantling the NHS, the welfare state, public services, workers' rights, human rights and the environment. I appreciate you don't rely on any of those things in your life, but millions do.
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