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Another Election
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Edited Apr 27, 2017, 13:33
Re: Another Election
Apr 27, 2017, 09:57
Thanks Littlestone. I totally agree. To deliberately and perversely paraphrase the old esoteric saying, As Above, So Below. It is that simple, and it utterly baffles me how so many people just don't see how the old polarizations are vanishing, merging into an utterly cynical corporate driven whole, and are now merely an illusion of real choice. In the vacuum rises largely unpalatable reactionary alternatives that are merely routes to an alternative dead end. As for the undeniable and unsustainable global ecological impact of this pig trough madness courtesy of the few, a largely compliant media with its relentless message reinforcing, and a sizeable enough eg workable percentage of the population to buy into it, and... here we are, and still all to often the usual ridiculous and hysterical knee jerk accusations get rolled out by rote (conspiracy theorist racist nutjob seems to be a recurring theme) by so many who seem unable to/or actively hostile to, a view outside of identity politics or anything that challenges the established group think. Even the Dalai Lama got pilloried for being 'anti family' when he rightly raised his concerns re increasing Western Population numbers. David Attenborough appears to be safe enough, for now... ;-) Take a peek behind the scenes, below the surface, and it's blatantly obvious what is going down.


An old piece, from one of the few valiant truth tellers not bought and paid for, and still as relevant as ever, and yes there is hope. Better tighten those seat belts in the meantime.


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