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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
Apr 18, 2017, 18:55
Captain Starlet wrote:
The EU is doing to dish out 'punishment' anyway and if you think the uk govt (while it lasts) is any less corrupt than the EU then you're quite honestly deluded. The uk govt has long presided and supported tax evasion and tax havens. Remember the Panama Papers. What you quitters don't seem to understand is that we've got very little to offer in order of trade, thanks to the tories selling off public assets and industries apart from being the financial sector to the largest trading bloc on the planet! Now that's leaving there's going to be huge job losses and we're at the mercy of the most corrupt countries in the world with horrific human rights records i.e. Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey who are about the only people willing to trade with us outside of the EU. That's the reality here, time to wake up because the halcyon days of the empire are long gone!

What's your option? I mean, we're out. That's that.

When the wheels come off the Euro, and they will, every pundit knows it, what will we do then? Pay for it? No thanks, Jaques!

Stick with Merkel and invite every global waif and stray here? That's working for Sweden, Germany and France, isn't it.

The EU is corrupt. My boss had a friend who quit working in the Union in Brussels as she couldn't live with the herd suckling at the cash teats, she had morals.

What the fuck is it about the EU that attracts people? IS it the apparantley free cash? Coz I can't think of anything else. Is it the very Leftist ideals? I cannot figure it out!
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