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Another Election
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John Rice
John Rice
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Re: Another Election
Apr 18, 2017, 13:07
Captain Starlet wrote:
Totally agree, I think a left coalition would be the only way to get them out.

Except there's no time for that (someone prove me wrong, please!)

Highly likely the tories will win with a fairly comfortable majority. LibDems will pick up pro-EU votes from those with short memories and further hurt Labour who are lost under Corbyn.

At a time when the UK has badly needed an effective opposition, Corbyn has resolutely failed to rally his party. Those on his side - with some justification - claim he's been hamstrung by biased press-coverage and fifth columnists. Others - also with justification - say that a party leader's entire job is to get beyond that stuff and communicate their message despite it. And Corbyn hasn't done that job.

Whether you're pro or anti-brexit; the benefits of having the process scrutinised and challenged by a sensible opposition is surely to everyone's benefit -- though even such scrutiny appears to be tantamount to treason in the new Daily Mail-run UK.

If the tories win a further mandate; it will primarily be based on how they have handled brexit to date (appallingly IMO, but that's me). And it will be an endorsement of that approach.

Heaven help us!
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