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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
Apr 28, 2017, 19:25
The question you have avoided is which policies in the Tory manifesto you are attracted to and voting for. Unless you live in her constituency you can't vote for Theresa May you can only vote for your local Tory. Is it the welfare policies, the cuts to services, the tax breaks for the wealthy? Perhaps you think the environment is over regulated, too much emphasis on emissions and clean energy, planning laws too restrictive, maybe you'd like a chance to repeal some employment laws and the minimum wage? Maybe you think the NHS would be more efficient run by the private sector? Perhaps a chance to bring back the death penalty or repeal the hunting ban? And that Human Rights Act is very troublesome isn't it? So many possibilities for improvement with a nice Tory majority. This is what you will voting on, it's a general election for the next five year government not a popularity contest on Brexit. The joke is that May herself scorned the SNP for wanting another referendum saying it would cause more uncertainty at a critical time.

You have said a few times about opinion and belief, yet you have not given any facts to back your assertion that Theresa May and the Tories will do a good job or why you have stated (as if it's a fact) that Labour would instantly bankrupt the UK. You haver also stated that staying in the EU threatens things like pints, pounds and miles, none of which have disappeared after 40 years of membership. You criticise others for giving opinions, but give plenty of opinion yourself.

Yugoslavia was never in the EU, and we have no history of wars with them, so I'm not sure of your point. There was however a long history of wars over many centuries with France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Scotland. It took the second world war to unite western Europe, the EU is a direct legacy of that. How long did it take Tories like Michael Fallon to start blathering on about the Navy when Spain mentioned Gibraltar?

You have no idea how we are going to get a better trade deal outside the EU, but it is a fact that the Tories are courting the likes of the Saudis. You have no idea what the Tories will do with the money that currently gets distributed by the EU, but they do not have a good track record of investing in communities, the regions or infrastructure so you are relying on belief and trust if you think Cornish farmers and fishermen will be better off.

You talk about control. Okay then. Which EU laws do you want us to be free from? Which aspects of our sovereignty do you think are currently compromised? Which laws would you pass that the UK couldn't pass already within the EU?

As for faith, no I'm afraid it's the Brexiteers that rely on that. You don't know what will happen, whereas remainers were grounded in what we already know (even if you don't like it and want it gone).
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