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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
Apr 19, 2017, 13:12
Come off it, the Tories are allowing systemic failure in the NHS so that privatization will become palatable to an electorate who still prize the NHS too highly at the moment. The spiraling costs are due to an increasingly ageing population and chronic staff shortages and underfunding are making the situation worse.

I agree that New Labour's PFI scheme was poor, but they were hardly a socialist government were they? But the NHS was at least funded while Labour were in power, rather than deliberately allowed to fail.

As anyone who has visited a UK city during the last 5 years will have seen, the Tories are certainly not interested in equality or in governing for everyone, no matter what Mrs May might say.

As a newfound Tory supporter, I assume you are okay with an economy based on zero-hours contracts, foodbanks, homelessness, unskilled ATOS assessments of the disabled, rising child poverty and health and social care systems that cannot cope, with tax breaks for the rich, sell-off of public services to profiteers who only answer to shareholders not the public, the repeal of human rights laws and undermining workers' rights? The scrapping of environmental protections, opening the door to fracking and doing nothing to reduce carbon emissions? An elitist education system that favours the privileged while pricing the poor out of equal opportunity?

Can you tell me why you think the Tories are the right party to vote for? What is it that draws you to them, given their policies on all of the above. I'd love to know why any of that appeals to anyone.
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