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Re: Kill them!
May 22, 2017, 08:06
thesweetcheat wrote:
"Discussed or agreed" means nothing. Even if a ban had got as far as draft legislation (which it hadn't) May's decision to dissolve Parliament would have meant it would have lapsed. It didn't get that far.

In the previous manifesto it was a specific pledge. It's not in the new one, they are no longer promising to do it if re-elected. I think most people would accept that as common use of the word "dropped". Why would they not keep something in that they promised to do before, if they intended to go through with it? It was a deliberate decision not to include it. You are also aware that the president of one of the most powerful groups lobbying to stop the ban happening is/was a Tory MP I assume.


'However, any explicit mention of ivory is conspicuously absent from the new manifesto. In its place May’s manifesto includes a general pledge to help international organisations protect the marine environment and endangered species around the world'.

Isn't the elephant an endangered species then? They haven't dropped the promise at all just altered the wording to include all animals at risk. Quite simple to understand unless you are running a vendetta of hatred against a person or party.

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