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Another Election
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Edited May 05, 2017, 19:30
Re: Another Election
May 05, 2017, 19:27
I talk a lot, yes. It's a discussion forum. I also like to discuss ideas and have my views challenged, it helps me consider if I've got it wrong or missed something. One of the reasons I like tiompan on TMA is because he doesn't let people come out with opinion as fact, he challenges them to back up their assertions. I like that, though some others clearly don't, usually when it's their own pet theories that are being challenged.

In my view what has been missing from this thread, about a general election, is a genuine discussion about policies. Personally I choose to vote on policy and don't go much for soundbites or slogans. But there can be little discussion or engagement in a thread about politics if one side won't discuss policies. Every time policy comes up, there is either diversions or answering questions with another question (Yugoslavia, Greek debt, the Jungle, the EU) or there is silence. And that doesn't really make for a discussion.

I don't need a crystal ball or a time machine to guess what five more years of the Tories will do, we have a track record to examine that gives a pretty good idea. And you're right about UKIP not being needed now, the Tories have wholeheartedly embraced their position on just about every issue.

I hope you've got health insurance sorted as it sounds like you might be needing it after another five years of Jeremy Hunt at the helm of the NHS.

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