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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
May 02, 2017, 18:31
Keeping it brief if I can.

My dad spend a lot if time in the 50s/60s in Yugoslavia and said it was a powder keg of racial, nationalist and religious tension back then. The EU is not a peacekeeping force for non-EU countries (despite scaremongering by Leave over the prospect of an EU army) - my original comment was about it uniting the member states in an unprecedented peace, rather than preventing wider conflicts. I doubt anything the EU could have done would have prevented what happened in Yugoslavia, which was probably the uneasiest union of disparate countries and religions the continent had seen.

The Jungle was a terrible thing but again look at the causes, Western interference and military aggression in the countries where the refugees came from. The EU as an organisation did not decide to bomb Syria or invade Libya and Iraq. IS was not caused by the EU. A mess was made of homing the refugees, but the EU did not create the problem and again it has nothing to with my original point about promoting peace between member states.

As for May's record. She was a terrible Home Secretary. Poverty, homelessness, foodbank use and suicide all soared on her watch. She slashed the police force while trying to scrap human rights laws. And as for her chosen cabinet of chief Brexiteers - would you trust David Davies to successfully get to the shops for a pint of milk, let alone represent the interests of Britain? I'd trust a competent professional like Kier Starmer over Davies, Fox and Johnson all day long.

Actually if she is telling the truth about the necessity of pulling together behind her on negotiations, she should scrap this election and form a cross-party cabinet of the best and most able politicians to deal with Brexit, then dissolve parliament once the negotiations are concluded and go to the country with the negotiated deal. If it really is the most serious challenge to Britain since WW2, why not treat it like that? The reason is because she is pushing the interests of the Conservative party over the interests of the country, especially given the expenses investigations that have the potential to wipe out her majority.

As an aside, two of the Leave voters on this forum are in Scotland and I wonder if they feel May and the Conservatives offer the best alternative for delivering the kind of Brexit they would like to see?
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