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Another Election
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Edited Apr 21, 2017, 17:18
Re: Another Election
Apr 21, 2017, 17:06
Jeez wrote:

Calm down dear!

The TV debates didn't do Nick Clegg any harm in 2010 did they? He may have lied through his arse but it worked for him. I'd rather see the politicians front up than have their stooges spoonfeed the public daily doses of brainwash. I think Corbyn would do well in a live debate and increase his support - that's what May is scared of - she wants a massive majority to twist the knife on the general public.

Every time I hear a radio phone-in or vox pops on the news there are people saying they voted to remain in the UK before and now they want out because of the relentless Tory govts. I am saying that they're right and I know that us Labour supporting English are going to be screwed without the Scots, but that's democracy. We'll have to figure something out because if May gets in again I can't see any other future.

I agree - us English are stuck with nationalistic Tory voters and the Scots have their SNP voters. If the Scots aren't going to vote for the Tories or Labour they might as well be independant - if they're voting SNP for left wing politics then I don't get why they can't vote for Corbyn - therefore it must be for nationalistic reasons - I mean what's the idea in wanting to be part of a union but voting for a totally different government? It's a contradiction.

Radio phone ins and vox pops don't mean diddly squat.
I'm calm, honestly, just exasperated by the utter ignorance of the situation up here.
Opinion polls and plain old punters on the street matter.
I live here, I know what I see, what I hear, we've all had enough.
Clegg, oh aye, lost his party about 60 seats, way to go power of the TV debate!
You see a fleeting moment in the sun as some kind of success?
Ok then. Whatever.
Brexit will fix the UK again, sort out all this nationalist crap once and for all, I am sure of it.
Please look at the post regards UK voting in the EU, never even got to 40%, once didn't even reach 25%.
And Scotland specific data just as (ahem) enthusiastic.

EDIT: BTW SNP got in Holyrood on 25% of the electorate, on a 55% turn out.
More votes against them than for, but the vote is split.
They are not 'left wing'.
Don't be fooled.
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