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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
Apr 26, 2017, 22:32
Ethericat wrote:
Nor me. You have raised many excellently observed points that I wholeheartedly agree with. Cultures should be preserved in mutual respect, tolerance, friendliness and openness. The final outcome of mass multiculturalism is monoculturalism. Native indigenous tribal peoples have suffered greatly in the past by mass absorption, and yet that seems to be conveniently forgotten by many on the 'official Left' who rightly shout for the rights of these people, and yet don't see the sad irony here in the bigger picture of the intended western global project. A lot of people with undoubtedly good intentions are being duped wholesale, I'm afraid, and the right don't give a fuck, nor pretend otherwise. All serpents on the same Medusa's head.

For me, the political system I could support with enthusiasm, and above all a clear conscience, does not as yet exist, but I do believe that one day it will. We will have no choice in the matter as it will be birthed out of the inevitable, in my view, collapse of the current ruling paradigm due to its insane collective greed and stupidity. Karma in action.

Thanks Ethericat.

Couldn’t agree with you more, and I especially agree with your statement that, “The final outcome of mass multiculturalism is monoculturalism.”

Couldn’t have put it better. And you know, it’s not only cultures that are under threat from political and corporate unions like the EU, the banks and the mega-food, drink and drug companies, but also how we educate and are educated. The blandness of it all is depressing. There is hope however, and the current backlash against the big national and international rip-off merchants is nothing new. Until CAMRA came along real beers in this country had hit rock bottom. People were totally pissed off with it (literally), but saw a way to do something about it, and now there are craft beers in most pubs and micro-brewery's everywhere (same thing happened with sake production in Japan). I know that’s a simple example but it does go to show that we do have the will to change the direction of travel from bland uniformity to something so much more interesting and creative.

As you say, “...collapse of the current ruling paradigm due to its insane collective greed and stupidity.” is indeed inevitable. “Karma in action.” Yup!
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