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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
May 05, 2017, 13:36
Littlestone wrote:
I honestly think we need to radically rethink how we do politics in this country. Maybe it’s already happening to some extent through social media. But, for example, I’d like to see the 100,000 figure (before an issue is debated in Parliament) dropped to 50,000. Proportional Representation of course, and also more referendums as in Switzerland (one already held there this year and three more scheduled for 21 May, 24 September, and 26 November 2017).

I guess the majority of politicians don’t want any of that though – it’d be putting to much power in the hands of the people!

Agreed on all of that (apart from maybe the need for more referenda :) )

We certainly need proportional representation if there's to be any real change. I've not seen all the results yet, but the West of England mayor caught my eye this morning. Elected with about 27% of the vote, so almost 3/4 of voters didn't vote for him, but that's what you get with first past the post, immediately making the majority of voters wondering why they bothered. As I said elsewhere in the thread, PR also tends to increase the number of female politicians, and female politicians tend to be more willing to work across party lines so politics becomes less adversarial and more co-operative. PR also reduces the short term nature of many politicians' thinking, where all they are really concerned about is grabbing votes and keeping their party in control, rather than doing the right thing (that's true on both left and right).

Social media can be too much of a bubble unfortunately. On this thread I've mainly engaged with the people I disagree with, on the basis that to only discuss with those who agree with you on everything leads to an echo chamber and it's easy to believe everyone thinks like you do.
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