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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
Apr 18, 2017, 18:11
Sanctuary wrote:
Real smart woman. Thatcher with a heart. Irrespective of what all the moaners have to say about her she is very popular with the nation as a whole and the following years will show this to be justified as she steers us out of Europe while dealing with all the other orchestrated crap she has to put up with along the way at the same time. I have never voted Conservative in my life but will this time. I'm supporting our country like a true brit should under any difficult circumstance and won't be commenting further.

Good post, I agree, and I'll vote Tory for the 1st time this time too.

We're leaving the corrupt, failed project that is the EU. The European Central Bank is printing money left, right and centre and throwing it around to keep a completely failed currency afloat. The poor countries are lent money to buy goods from the strong countries, who then pretend to pay for the bail-outs. That is turbo-Capitalism, but many are too stoopid to understand that!

The wheels will eventually come off the EU bandwagon full of corruption and self-servants.

Brexit is happening, despite the pleas of the remoaners. What we need now is a strong hand on the tiller, and May is the only one who can manage that.

For those that are looking for a soft-Brexit as a consolation, think about the punishment that the EU will dish out to the UK. It, now, has to be a hard Brexit or they will have us over a barrel and they will lash us day and night.
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