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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
Apr 21, 2017, 20:14
sanshee wrote:
I don't expect anything special as a result, I'm not sure who does.
If they do they may be pissed off, but I doubt they'll carry it somewhere darker.
Something about the expansionism of the EU, the remoteness, the false notion of 'citizenship'.
I do not have a passport, I am not an EU citizen. I have no EU rights.
Should I stop being stupid and get one? What if I can't afford it?
And where to begin with the EU parliament?
A parliament with no opposition?
What is that?
Set up just to do a reverse filibuster, grind any dissent into submission.
Now in the grand scheme of things, how does that really interfere with my life?
Not much maybe, but it's always considered noble to vote with your conscience.
I do believe 17m of us did.
Is that wrong?

A lot of people think that there will be some great new dawn, or why bother? £350m a week for the NHS wasn't it? or maybe no more immigration? Bendy bananas? I think most leavers thought there was an upside, if you didn't why on earth would you vote for something that you don't even think will be positive in any way?

The EU doesn't stop our Parliament doing anything really, and it is elected. Not all systems need to be oppositional. I hate the two party crap we have here.

Anyway, hey, you'll be fine, you're a winner! I'm merely a traitor, an enemy of the people and a saboteur. 16 million of us to target so plenty to go at, oh look the media hasn't stopped doing that since the result came out. Must be nice to be on the same side as Murdoch, Farrage and Banks.
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