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Another Election
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Re: Hate is a cul-de-sac
May 02, 2017, 21:23
Much to agree with there, people would perhaps be more likely to protest if they had reliable sources of information beyond the hideously right-biased media (and I include the BBC with that). I think it would help if the deluded middle classes stopped siding with the rich, and accepted the fact that they are being shafted just the same - I'd recommend a read of The Road To Wigan Pier on this point, as nothing much has changed.

I also agree that we need a different system and would love to see proportional representative replace first past the post, which only serves to perpetuate the useless short-termist approach to governance and politics as conflict. Countries with PR also have generally higher percentages of female politicians, something the UK falls very short on (barely scraping 30%) but which I think would help make Parliament more co-operative and less adversarial, as women politicians tend to be more willing to work across party lines than their male counterparts.
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