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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
Apr 29, 2017, 06:50
thesweetcheat wrote:
I voted remain because I strongly believe that a united Europe will help prevent another war, not necessarily soon but some day.
I voted remain because the EU gives us fundamental human and employment rights that a Tory government would do everything they can to strip away without EU legislation to stop them.
I voted remain because the EU is our biggest trading partner and we would be idiots to think we will be better off financially outside the EU.
I voted remain because membership of the EU provides a framework to keep pressure on members to reduce carbon emissions, to keep environmental protections in place and to work towards sustainable energy. A Tory government unfettered by this will allow commercial interests to take precedence over environmental concerns.
I voted remain because I trusted the EU to do a better job of distributing the money it takes from member states than our government will. Wales and Cornwall have a shock coming.
I voted remain because I believe that we should have close ties with countries that share values of tolerance and that uphold human rights, rather than looking to places like Saudi Arabia as trading partners.
I voted remain because I believe that we need free movement of workers to staff our hospitals and carehomes, especially given the ageing British population.

You make it sound like a vote for what we already have (the above) is a bad thing. Some of your fellow leavers take it further, and label me an enemy of the people and a traitor.

Don't worry you are in good company. You missed one thing out, you voted remain because its common sense.
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