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Re: Hate is a cul-de-sac
Apr 30, 2017, 00:43
moss wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
What a monumental fecking neck to accuse us of
"knowing that I won't come back at you. You know, the cowards way!"....
.... when you've spent the last few years over on the Copycat Journal attacking me personally in the nastiest way imaginable for all you are worth!!
Be gone with you, you vexatious person.

All the best,

Being hateful, just some of the words you can use;

abominable, execrable, abhorrent, repugnant; invidious, loathsome. Hateful, obnoxious, odious, offensive refer to something that causes strong dislike or annoyance. Hateful implies actually causing hatred or extremely strong dislike:

It seems to me, and this is addressed to Nigel and tjj, that your hate for Sanctuary and Littlestone curdles every pore in your bodies. Why? Why can’t you express your own views without making offensive remarks. Surely the point of a debate is the argument without the personal. There were two little girls on a radio programme yesterday, and one said you should respect the person you are arguing with. She went on to say ‘I may like pizza with marshmallows on top, you on the other hand like chocolate cake, which I accept and respect’. Simplistic maybe, but just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean you have to verbally attack them.
You note that I do not include the TSC in this, I think he has a strong line of pure belief that runs through his soul, he has the need to understand.

And before you start on me, (here it comes peeps ???? I shall FLOUNCE) pushing someone’s (i.e. Sanctuary) buttons always triggers a response and it gets incredibly boring. And tjj take it from me you are never going to wind up Littlestone to respond to you, so please move on..

Moss, with not much love! X

I read your post on a train earlier this evening on my way back from a day out looking at wild orchids. I replied briefly basically because the train was held up and I had nothing better to do. Have since re-read it and have to remind you (although no-one here will give a 'feck') that it was Littlestone who, some years back, was the ring leader in trying to get everyone to ostracize me on the TMA forum - after he was unsuccessful in getting me banned. You were careful to exclude Thesweetcheat from your egregious accusation perhaps because he was around then as well and didn't get drawn into that unkind behaviour. I don't use your word 'hate' and you don't need to give me a dictionary definition of it - I'm not illiterate.

I'm surprised and somewhat disappointed Moss as I have mostly been courteous to you and recall speaking up for you on TMA when you were unfairly 'attacked' on a blog by someone named Paul Barford. As I said in my previous brief response, feel free to flounce if you wish but as with Sanctuary -no one is making you.
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