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Another Election
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Edited Apr 21, 2017, 10:03
Re: Another Election
Apr 21, 2017, 10:01
nigelswift wrote:
June, I share so many of your views about politics but I have to disagree with 2 things you say:

tjj wrote:
1.) And if you are going use the F word, use it. Feck is only really acceptable when used by an Irish person.

2.).... and resolved to spend what's left of my unimportant life trying to make a difference to our to the way we treat those less fortunate and of course the environment..... This 'snap' election is the opportunity to make a difference - our vote is all we have.

1. Please don't deprive me of the term "feck". It's a brilliant way of filling a gap between drat and fuck, where appropriate, and the Irish should be proud to have given it to the world.

2. Our vote is all we have but I can't bring myself to provide a vote to a party that isn't willing to join with others to oppose what we both view as a disaster. If/when it does, great, but unless it does our votes aren't going to be "all we have" they're nothing.

I first voted Labour at the age of 7 (honestly!) and ever since but I've just become a paid up Lib Dem.

Hi Nigel, I was just being argumentative as you know I must sometimes. Its a personal thing, I try to not use the word fuck too often - inelegant at my age. It does slip out occasionally though.

I accept your Point 2, as I always do listen to what you have to say. Labour for me though, with all its flaws and media assassination - that is where my vote is going.

Logging off now - carpe diem, as someone, somewhere else said.
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