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Another Election
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Re: Kill them!
May 23, 2017, 00:15
nigelswift wrote:
"You all should know by now that ole' {politically moderate} dhajjie is gonna' see both sides of any issue"

Well, since even Sanctuary is anti foxhunting (and probably anti elephant slaughter too) we'll all be fascinated to know how you, alone, see the other side of those things as having any merit.

Nigel....your inner inquisitor is showing....
From whence do you extrapolate that I would think "fox hunting" or "elephant slaughter" has any merit?
I also would like to assure you that I myself certainly had nothing to do with the present leadership fiasco this side of the pond...
My reference to seeing the 2 halves of any issue really stemmed from the trumped-up case that several of you are attempting to lambaste Sanctuary and any oppositional voter with....
Do you really believe that any governing body that the U.K. might elect will endorse ivory trading, much less "elephant slaughter"?
If that is the best political slander that the 'Left' has got to offer, I can tell you from experience....be prepared to have your asses handed to yourselves...{again...} next election....
Lots of accusations...no substantiation....just like Sanctuary said.
I am following this election lead-up very closely....
all i'm seeing so far is a lot of Fuck You-ing from both sides.
Good luck with that.
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