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The Sea Cat
The Sea Cat
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Re: East Coker/ Hinkley Point
Oct 04, 2011, 12:18
moss wrote:
The Sea Cat wrote:
The Sea Cat wrote:
This article is a very good summation of the entire situation we are facing:


The protest against the third nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point received scant media attention. I wonder why....

What with Fracking in the Mendips, the massive housing expansions, and now this, wonderful Somerset, a county so rich in natural beauty and ancient heritage, is in real peril:


I suspect Seacat that it all comes down to people protesting in their own areas and fighting the battles on home ground! You would think the Fukishama disaster in Japan would have driven it home how dangerous nuclear energy can become should a disaster befall a nuclear plant. But do we have relevant footage on the BBC? media coverage?
The answer is no, the old adage 'bread and circuses' or Strictly Come Dancing maybe, is of more importance to most people - apathy and a rotten government to lead that apathy and renege on 'green promises' yet on the other hand make it easier for the 'big fellows' to get their way through messing around with planning laws, or at least adjusting them to serve the big corporations - sweet...

Thanks for replying, as I'm sure most people are bored with this thread, but it just makes me so angry. Bread and Circuses indeed.
What doesn't help Somerset in particular is that its completely Coalition dominated. It used to be Tory, then the Lib Dem regime, and now a nice balance to push all their rapacious and destructive policies through with no political opposition whatsovever, and the example of East Coker just to goes to show what contempt public oppinion is held in here - systematic of the national outlook, sadly. I've more or less decided that I'm going to leave Somerset now when the house gets sold.
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