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Our Sacred Land
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Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 06, 2011, 15:10
Rhiannon wrote:
I'm not stifling any debate, I'm asking you what your opinions are and I'm asking you to justify them - that IS debate surely. Yes I have lampooned you by using stereotypical right wing views - precisely because you dragged up the old 'political correctness / brainwashed public sector lefties' chestnut.

By leaping to the extreme points you did I wouldn't call that a sensible debate, so yes it can be percieved as closing down a propper debate as there's no sensible discussion there, instead you aksed ridiculous things like so you would stop anyone coming here from now on.

In many cases the PC brainwashed point I made is absolutely the case. It's a fact I'm afraid, I mean you've only got to look at our state schools to see the left have taken over them, the average classroom has a large no of people verging on communism.

Ok my opinions are that too much immigration from WHERE EVER is a bad thing and I feel this is obvious to anyone looking dispassionately and without immovable views based on ideology. Surely TOO MUCH of anything is a bad thing?

The problems are proven and numerous; and it doesn't mean you're racist to point that out I'm afraid.

In response to your 'questions'

"I wonder who you include in your 'original settlers' Gwass". - I think the research stated they originated from the Basque country

"And if you don't like the idea that we're a nation of immigrants" - I didn't say I didn't like the idea, I merely challenged the fact that we are and quoted the link I saw here.

"does that mean you think anyone with Saxon, Viking, Norman etc ancestors isn't properly British?" - Nope merely that they are in the minority according to the research, and most of their ancestry would be pre invasion as there's bound to have been mixing.

"And what if my ancestors came here a hundred years ago from (I don't know) Portugal, would I be properly British enough for you." - Yes.

"Where are you going to draw your line, who's rightly allowed to be here?" - Genuine asylum seekers, people that benefit the economy and British people of course.

"What do you think all these Foreigners are doing in this country - do you know, some of them even have jobs, skilled jobs at that, and contribute to society, and pay taxes, and all sorts." - Yes & too many don't.

"Bloody hell I'm even friends with some of them, are you?" - Not currently but was at my old workplace, is that relevant?

"Or is it that you want to stop anyone coming into this country from this moment onwards." - No

"Or do you have certain countries you'll allow them in from I wonder?" - No I'm not racist/xenophobic.

"Or will they be allowed in if they promise to speak English and watch the cricket and eat fry ups every morning. Don't tell me, you just don't want any shifty looking lazy ones who move straight into an 9 bedroom council house and live on benefits." - No, that's clearly ridiculous, I'm not a cricket fan myself & Yes.

"And did you know, some people even emigrate from Britain! Can you imagine. What are they thinking of." - Yes and to get a better life I'd imagine.

"You state that lots of people here work in the public sector and imply they're dreadful lefties. I don't know if that's true, I don't think we've ever had a poll. But if it IS true, why would you think that would be? Surely this strange interest in prehistoric sites doesn't attract that sort of person? Why would that be... Hmmm..." - I know the hippyish aspect of being into stones fits in with left wing and the perception that it was an egalatarian society. Which we can't prove. I will however say that the left don't have a monopoly on being into ancient history.

Basically to summarise, I'm against mass immigration as it causes problems. It doesn't mean I hate the people themselves but it's possible to see the macro social and economic issues it causes seperately and to rightly deduce that in such huge levels it is a bad thing. Please justify why you would disagree with this?

Why would being against something that damages our country and citizens be seen as somehow evil or bad. That's what I mean by this mental PC notion that's taken hold in the last few decades & would have been almost unheard of at any other time in history as it's so self destructive. The fact that people fly off the handle or cry racist demonstartes that they aren't acting rationally or dispassionately.

My views are perfectly reasonable and in the majority, I make no apology for them.

On that note I'll leave it there.

All the best Rhiannon
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