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Our Sacred Land
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Squid Tempest
Squid Tempest
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Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 08, 2011, 14:54
Gwass wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
Rhiannon. Any form of fighting in public by gangs of youths impinges on the public to a degree, but the public were not the target in those days like they are now. It is obvious and should not be used to try and prove your point which is not valid.

PS I've been in a few staff rooms in my time. You should reserve your dismissive "not valid" stamp of disapproval for the claim that the majority of the occupants are almost communists.

That was me and I disagree that it's not a valid point. Also I didn't say that the majority of occupants were almost communist, I said a large number are which is fair comment and I don't feel I need to "reserve" it at all on an open free speech forum.

A large number are extremely unionized, the unions links to communism are well know so to say that a large number are verging on communism isn't a false statement at all.

Also I feel the 'taking a valid thread off on tangents' may have been aimed at me, if it wasn't then I genuinely apologise but my 1st comment was a perfectly valid and on topic one about the (obvios IMO) link between the extra numbers of people coming here and the need for more houses & threat to our 'sacred land'. It was the reactions to that reasonable point which took us off on tangents.

Finally, I feel in the main it's been a polite 50/50 debate with everyone holding their own so there's no need to rush to the defence of anyone as they've been giving as good as they get in a sensible grown up debate. There's been no victimization of anyone so it's not necessary.

All the best


Hi Gwass. I must say I think you are way off the mark thinking that a large proportion of teachers are communist. In my opinion it might be better if they were, as Rhiannon sort of said.

I feel that the recent violence can be squarely blamed on the Thatcherite ethics of recent decades. Young people are indoctrinated to think only of themselves, and greed and aquistitive consumerism are a direct result of this. And a direct result of greed and aquisitive consumerism was seen in the recent riots, with kids taking what they wanted with no regard for others. If they were bought up to have a more caring sharing world view perhaps things would be different.

I do, however, agree that for the most part this debate has been quite reasoned and level headed. It's good to discuss these things in an adult fashion Who knows, maybe we'll all learn something.
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