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Our Sacred Land
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Edited Sep 06, 2011, 12:39
Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 06, 2011, 11:38
ok I think you've got the wrong end of the stick, I was trying to be satirical and that :)

But I agree, children in cities often never get a chance to get out into the countryside. In fact, at an event I was helping at in Bristol, it was obvious some of them had never been to the parkland virtually within the city. And that is a real shame, and maybe schools could help with that given the money.

But poor children* living in crap housing in inner cities hasn't got a lot to do with relaxing planning laws and allowing money-grabbing amoral tories to run laughing to the bank while we watch our countryside disappear. The daily express etc would love you to get distracted by those awful Foreigners and benefit fraudsters and the fact your house might not (nonsensically) have gone up in price again this month. But do not be fooled. It is not those people who are doing us over, who are ripping apart things we've struggled to achieve in this country like the nhs and affordable education and trying to sell off the forests etc etc just to get a few more pennies into their own pockets - those things belong to all of us too you know.

* possibly of the 'minorities' that Gladman curiously puts in inverted commas as though really they're not a minority but are apparently taking over your country (again, I could be wrong). I wonder if anyone's seen this as it is quite amusing:
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