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Re: Conspiracy confirmed
Sep 13, 2011, 20:24
goffik wrote:
Hope nobody minds me jumping in, but it's kinda relevant...

I received an email from Megadread explaining what's been going on. Multiple people on one sockpuppet login! No prizes for guessing who they are and how many of them have been booted from TMA for trolling.

Just wanted to remind people which direction the harrassment is going, that's all.

G x


I'm sorry, but I think it would be helpful if this "HA as victims" thing stopped. There have been plenty of examples of harrassment and baiting on this forum and I'm afraid it has not all been directed at you. There have been numerous examples of bullying over the last few months, including various instances where anyone who expressed a contrary viewpoint has been systematically ganged up on.

This poisonous attitude is likely to ruin this forum, there are already a lot of people who read but do not post, as they are scared of offending or stepping into politics that they know nothing about.

I tried in the past to have the sticky thread warning removed, as I felt it was off-putting to new posters. That remains my view. I remember that the most vocal section of the forum against this was from some HA members. I find it particularly irritating that the rules that those same people claim are there to protect everyone only seem to apply in one direction.

I know nothing about any sock puppets, or multiple posters, or any of that. Frankly I couldn't give a toss either. To be clear, I do not in any way support or agree with the recent offensive posts by "stupidhead" that came and went in the night. I do, however, object to this continual martyred whining from a group of members who have deliberately posted messages to try to get a reaction with the aim of having posters banned. This sort of behaviour appears entirely against the interests of this forum.

Let me be clear. I have nothing at all against HA. The majority of members are very pleasant and welcomed me in to TMA when I first started posting on here. Let me also be clear that I have only ever met two members of TMA (past or present) and I am not aligned with some kind of anti-HA "conspiracy". I am however sick to death of the continual attempts to stir things and to get a rise out of people, particularly where individuals are targetted because of some grudge that goes back years and that no-one else here knows or cares about.

Bullying is not all about using rude and offensive language. It often uses very reasonable language and works by deliberately undermining other people, perhaps by pointedly ignoring their input or contributions. As one government website notes "Cyberbullying sometimes starts with the cyberbully posing as the victim."

It seems to me that this forum can go one of two ways. Either the ridiculous internal politics and bullying tactics stop and we all get on with it, or anyone who expresses a differing opinion to the vocal clique will sooner or later be banned and it will become a sterile little club with very few members. I obviously hope it will be the former.
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