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Re: Conspiracy confirmed
Sep 13, 2011, 21:14
nigelswift wrote:
Actually, the accusation that they were banned at HA’s behest has been thrown about by the ejectees and others for years. It was entirely untrue, they were all banned, without exception, for unacceptable behaviour in the eyes of the Eds, the Eds have recently confirmed it and said no way could anyone get anyone banned (and it would be an insult to them to try to or to say anyone could) so by what authority do you repeat the accusation as if it's a fact?

As you say, you know nothing about all of this. So might it not have been better to email me and ask about it before posting all that? Do you seriously suppose you would have written what you did if you had? No, you wouldn't.

I didn't say anyone was banned at HA's behest. What I said was that the sticky warning doesn't work both ways. Deliberately bait-laden and goading posts have not resulted in summary bannings, rather contrary to what the warning says.

I stand entirely by what I've said, which is based on what I see happening on this board. I very much doubt anything would change that opinion, but I'm glad you know my mind better than I do.
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