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Squid Tempest
Squid Tempest
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Re: Conspiracy confirmed
Sep 15, 2011, 09:41
megaonceagain wrote:
goffik wrote:
I get up early because a) I have young children; and b) I have a job.

So no - not food for thought at all.

And you've admitted you posted anonymously! So why lie? :D

Anyhoo. You'll not be coming back on my account, so don't pretend otherwise.

G x

Lie about what exactly. ?

Your the liar, the one who twists words, the one who bullies women.
This place would be afr better off without the likes of you and your spamwhore Ha friends, many think it, but i say it, and put my name to it.
HA is nothing without this place, your nothing more than parasites who add nothing, people only have to check out your site listings to see that.
This is supposed to be a community for sharing, you add exactly zilch.

How many valuable former members have left because of HA bullying, dozens, you lot are a poison to this place, and the mods don't have the courage to ban you, though that's no surprise to those in the know is it, wouldn,t want to upset your own nasty venomous little clique would you.

As a (fairly) neutral party, I must say I find this a very unpleasant post. From my experience Goff is a lovely chap who would never resort to "bullying women". As for HA being parasites and a poison, I'm not involved with HA, but in all my time here I've seen no evidence for either accusation whatsoever. I fail to understand how all this can generate such bile. Haven't people got better things to do? Like talk about stones frinstance?
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